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Irish Gold Part 18

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Fact Interview

TGB At Livestyles

Crossroad Of Realities

This is amazing, Montreal-based artist Benoit Paillé has created the art project where he took photos of landscapes in Grand Theft Auto V and then overlaid these images with photographs of real people holding real cameras and other devices so that it appears as if they are taking the photos themselves.

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New Ish

From Gives A Wank.

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The Spring Hustle Sale By Not Guilty

The Spring Hustle, an affordable art sale by NotGuilty is now Live. Pieces by Ames, Akie, Midas, Khoi, Boms and 45RPM from £10-£50. Check some of the collection out below, and buy here.

akie raphound khoicrime akierip Boms1 khoiflash2 midasdb RPM Eyeball akiefeltpen

Crap Town Heroes

Sketch I did for Crap Town Heroes, check them out!