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Fact Interview


LostInTheMood & 45RPM

Big up to 45RPM for the interview.

1. Who are you?

Im 45rpm From the WHAT crew based in Bristol


tumblr_n1yqm17xlC1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_n590k7G1JH1r1dviho1_500


2. What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

I paint on things as it seems to make me happy, the bug kicked in in 1999 on train trips to London watching Zelda tags go by.

3. What crews do you rep?

The WHAT crew, Im a big believer in sticking to one crew, you should drink and paint with your crew members. I socialise with all my crew on a regular basis and count them as my best mates. Not only that but they inspire/push me daily.


4. What got you into graffiti?

I’m rubbish at everything apart from Art, its fun to misbehave so you put the two together. Naughty boys club. What other art form lets you paint so big and so freely. Il get in to Watercolours when I’m older.

5. Favourite writers?

Seno FKF inspired me so much as a nipper and still does to this day. A true King

Petro, Ive always loved his style also his photos are next level.

And recently Lugosis TUFF from Italy and Mike DFM from USA. Styles for miles in everything they do! my new favourite writers. Go check there stuff.

6. Any crazy chase stories?

The one that shook me up the most was getting chased by a mobile CCTV van years ago, I ran and ran for ages down loads of back alleys in Bristol, just as I thought id got away, I ran down an alley between two old factories and jumped in to a door way. It was the wrong door to jump in to as it had three blokes trying to break there way in to the factory, One grabbed me and they started to go through my pockets and were asking for my phone etc. It was a double stroke of bad luck, but I spat out that they needed to get running themselves as I was being chased by two coppers on foot. This totally changed there tune and they all jumped in an old van, and burnt off with one in the back with the doors open as they sped away, the dude in the back shouted Cheers fella!. So one minute mugging me the next thanking me, so random! I then had to remind myself to start running again. Getting in to my house I had to wake a flat mate up as I needed to pour out the story. All for a tag…

tumblr_mzwo62nzIi1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_n75uasvFiI1r1dviho1_500

7. Do you rather bombing or piecing? Why?

Bombing, its guaranteed to make you feel better. Bombing everyday keeps life’s monotony at bay. I think thats a saying…

8. What are your 3 favourite pieces you’ve done?

Id say the wall section on my site are the pick of the pieces I still don’t mind! Sometimes the loosest quickest thing is my favourite.

9. What are your 3 favourite pieces by other writers?

This Petro piece I snapped in 99

Seno from same time


And a Skel


The first two blew my mind as a sprog and I looked at the photos I took daily so there so ingrained in my mind ( pre internet ) so my photo album was my life. And the third is so clean and has so much flow that it ticks my boxes as perfect graffiti for me.

10. How would you describe your style?

Stupid, Loosey Goosey. Cider fuelled, nonsense . Id like my pieces to look like I had fun doing them.

11. How did you get involved in The HangerOne Project, what was it like painting a plane and did it ever fly after that?

Hangfire sell paint in Bristol, I’m a regular and they brought the subject up, I nearly bit there hands off! Its going to be hard to top that.
And no it didn’t fly, I’m guessing the paint would come off, its parked outside there office on the runway like a stupid billboard!


12. Favourite country you’ve painted in and why?

The last one is always the favourite as I only like the last piece I painted! San fran last year involved probably the best 48hrs of my life involving painting, tattoos, strippers, bacon, painting, booze, painting, strippers, ice-cream and missing my flight

13. Top 5 tunes?

This is my top 5 played tunes on my computer so I can’t argue with that

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, I’ll cut you down

Electric Wizard, Funeralopolis

Minor threat, Minor threat

Electric Wizard, Satyr ix

Pissed jeans, false jesii part 2


14. Other than graff, what do you like to do?

Travel, take photos, and paint, there my three favourite things and they can all be combined.

15. Film or digital?

Film, Digital does nothing for me, its like it has no life. I get as much of a kick out of taking photos of the before and after a mission or a boozy night with film, its addictive. I have a film I need to finish this week that I’m gagging to see, you don’t get that with digital.
All the stupidness I snap is on here

16. Favourite letter and colour?

Im a sucker for Orange a nice retro one, I love the Terry orange colour in that new Sugar, thats the latest winner for me. And any letter thats not R, P or M the worst letter combo ever…

tumblr_mq6frjwAIe1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mx33cb3TRY1r1dviho1_500

17. Beer or weed?

Cider! I dropped the weed years ago, now I’m Tony two tokes on special occasions.

18. Top 3 graff movies?

Not that fussed. Would be old ones that got me as a kid so Dirty hands and Network terror.

19. What plans do you have for the future?

Keep painting, keep drawing, I still feel like Ive got so much to learn, Im not actually that good, so keep painting!

20. Any last words or shouts?

Massive shouts to all my painting mates, you know who you are!. Im so lucky with the shitbags I get to drink and paint with, especially my WHAT boys and everyone in the Gin for the boys club. Plus the misses as she lets me do all off the above, she’s a keeper.

Last words would be practice makes perfect. its true, I’m still practicing daily…

tumblr_lqi9gc54N51r1dviho1_500 tumblr_lto7c5Dg4u1qzm0o4o1_500 tumblr_mbkqqwZUDr1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mjwocdyH2N1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_m5kt874cbG1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mapad0YHml1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mjifsogZpS1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mjifz32D0c1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_n55mtvw0Ht1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_n77q8wPwgF1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_n3tuj0jLCw1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_n4t09bcTT71r1dviho1_500 tumblr_n7femu8dni1r1dviho1_1280 tumblr_n04hgzcVlw1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_n5atkqrF631r1dviho1_500 tumblr_n1xinfNhiC1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mqcwzfOoqf1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mkffyzodmT1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_lythr4aoDK1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_m71nlyBzIO1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mj35xc5avO1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mgf083ViY51r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mxcpo4BSft1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mr7s6uTYox1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mxpi7x9CPJ1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mzt2fp5rh71r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mjiftx1wYI1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_n3v12t5bKY1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mj35tmiw2i1r1dviho1_500 tumblr_n1xitxcF721r1dviho1_500 tumblr_mkmv300d061r1dviho1_500

LostInTheMood & Kem5

Huge shout to Kems for taking the time to do this interview.

1. Who are you?

-Greetings! I write Kem5, Kems or Kemr depending on the day. I currently live in the North Eastern part of the United States.


2. What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

-I’ve actively been writing graffiti since 1995. It has grown from a childhood interest into a lifestyle. I never thought I would be still writing as an adult but this is the path life has chosen for me. Everything has a purpose so I don’t really question it. Graffiti has been a journey filled with experiences that no money or education could offer.

3. What crews do you rep?

I push UPS, FLY ID, 3A and PYC. I suck at remembering to put up crews and that’s a terrible thing. Sorry guys 😦


4. What got you into graffiti?

-I’ve been into graff for as long as I can remember. As a child I would ride the train and look out the window at passing trackside spots. I often wondered where it came from or who did it? When I got home I would try to draw what I had seen. I made piles of sketches that depicted my interpretation of graff. Oddly enough I went through grade school and never met any one who wrote.

In high school I started skating in the city. Some of the kids that I hung out with were into tagging, mostly with paint pens. They would hit up spots as we skated around the city. None of them took it seriously it was more of a mindless activity to do in passing. One day I met this kid named Lenin who airbrushed tees at the mall. Airbrushing interested me greatly because it was the closest thing that resembled spray painting. Randomly I asked him if he knew of any writer’s? To my surprise he quickly pulled out a black book and showed me a bunch of outlines he had been working on. Instantly my eyes burned and I wanted to know everything.

From the start I chose the name Kem One it had no specific meaning but I liked the way the letters looked together. They were easy to stylize and didn’t require a lot of space on the wall. I remember doing my first Kem piece on the tracks near my folk’s house. The color scheme was so toy; I choose white, silver mauve and true blue. It took me 15mins to paint this burner of a piece. When I was done, I stood there in amazement. “That shit was hot”! Well…..not really, it was straight garbage. Some days I miss being a toy everything seemed much easier.

Shortly after that I dropped the “One” and started writing Kem Five out of respect for the original Kem? At that time I wasn’t sure who the original Kem was but I assumed he existed. I was told this was proper graffiti etiquette? To this day I have no idea why I picked 5. I guess it doesn’t really matter, today I mostly write “KEMS” or “KEMR” because it allows me more options.

5. Favorite writers?

Tough question. I have to many favorite writers, I will list the few that come to mind: Wane, Sento, Dondi, Dem’s, Roids, Zoer, Dem 189, Futura 2000, Demote, Sno, Totem2, Rage, East, Kwaze, Doves, Jive, Sp One, Large, Niche, Zek, Bacon, DZ, Druid, Hews, Virus, Serve, Ges, Gorey, Sofles, Oger, Yes2, Seb, Ewok HM, Much, AST, Supe, Stae2, Aroe, Sofles, Vibes.

Crews that I’m a big fan of: TATS, TCI, HM, FMK, Creatures, FC, HSA, GT, Adult Entertainment Crew, VTS, Dirty Thirty, Love Letters,


6. Any crazy chase stories?

-My chase stories are lame so I am going to bring up the dead body story…. again.

The first body I found, scared the shit out of me. I was crossing this saltwater marsh by the highway trying to check out a possible spot. As I jumped over a flooded channel I almost landed on what I thought was a bag of clothes. In the fading light of the evening, I slowly made out the shape of a human figure but I was not certain. The body was so badly decomposed to the point it was unrecognizable. The chest cavity had been inflated from all the gases and the limbs had withered to the bone. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. The scene was fucked and I quickly dipped out of there.

When I got back to the city I ran into some friends and explained what I had seen. They didn’t believe me and wanted to see the body.  So we returned back to the marsh as night was starting to fall. As we ventured out scenes from “Night of the living Dead” keep flashing through my head. I thought at any moment we would be mauled to death by a zombie. Using a dimly lit flashlight we found the body laying face down in the dirt. For some reason the smell this time around was unbearable. My friend’s girl began to freak out and started puking everywhere. We preformed a quasi CSI autopsy with a stick and left before it ate our brains.

The second find was not as exciting. Rath and I were painting an abandon army base near the city. While cutting through the woods I noticed two covered figures lying in the entrance of a bunker. Right away I knew something was up and tossed a rock into the entrance. Flies began to scatter but there was no movement, we decided to keep things moving and avoid the whole situation. A few days later I saw on the news that a runner discovered two dead bodies right were we had painted. For many years the murders remained a mystery.  Just recently it was discovered that a mentally ill kid from a near by group home murdered the two homeless people as they slept. The world is fucked, look out for each other and beware of zombies. LOL

7. Favorite country you’ve painted in and why?

-Hands down Canada is one of my favorite places to paint. There are plenty of things to rock and everyone is chill for the most part.


8. Do you rather bombing or piecing? Why?

That’s a tuff question because I enjoy both, there totally two different experiences. Piecing is a mental escape where you can zone out and not think about anything for a few hours. You have an infinite amount of time to experiment with different colors and techniques. Bombing is more instinctual and organic. It’s all about the moment and doing what comes naturally. It’s important that all aspects of graffiti experience are explored. Sorry for the shitty response it didn’t really answer the question.

9. What are your 3 favorite pieces you’ve done?

To be honest I hate most things I’ve painted and the sight of older work makes me cringe. It took me some time to pick three favorites and even now I’m second-guessing my selection.

I painted this quick piece with Wane in the fall of 2009. For some reason it sticks out in my mind, I really like the letter structure and colors.


This piece was painted in 2010 at Art Basel it’s probably in my top five. The background is so over the top, I’m not sure what’s going on.  I think I lost my way for a second.


This is not the best thing I’ve painted but it’s memorable?


10. What are your 3 favorite pieces by other writers?

This is my all time favorite photo even though it’s a bit expected. It blows my mind that the architects of graffiti had no reference for what graffiti looked like. They were basing everything off their own visions of what it should be. This photo is the definition of graffiti to me


11. How would you describe your style?

I have a technical style that is letter driven. I have always been an advocate of emphasizing letter structure and not whoring out a piece with tons of color. I try to base all my pieces simple styles and carefully add in extensions where needed. I love high contrast color schemes filled with subtitle details. When selecting a color scheme I try to find colors that tell a story and create mood. The more foul looking the color scheme, the better. My obsessive nature for technical lines came from what I saw happening in NYC and Connecticut in the early to mid 90’s. During this time Connecticut was a hot bed for experimentation, writers were not afraid to try anything. It would not be un-common to see pieces with glowing orbs and tornados in the fill. Writers would even go to the extent of using “Hex” or “lightening” caps to do in-lines on both the 3D and the piece, a practice that is hardly seen today.

Over the years I’ve worked hard to evolve my style and keep it relevant but true to its roots.  My attitude towards graffiti has changed with age and now I paint for the sheer enjoyment. I don’t really give a fuck about the politics anymore.

12. Top 5 tunes?

My current top 5 tunes is an odd mix so don’t judge me…. LOL.

-Kendrick Lamar “Money Trees”

-The Jesus And Mary Chain  “April Skies”

-Flying Lotus -any track off “Until The Quiet Comes”

-XX “Intro”

-Hendrix “Peace in Mississippi”

13. Other than graff, what do you like to do?

I love taking photos even though I’m a bit of a hack. Growing up I read a lot of skateboarding magazines and was inspired by the epic photography. The idea of capturing a moment on film strangely appealed to me. For one of my birthdays my folks got me an automatic Olympus camera. It was one of the best gifts they ever gave me I still use it to this day. I have this motto that “you didn’t do it unless you have the photo”. Since the 90’s I pretty much photograph everything I came across. I have thousands of printed images and even more digital ones. My photo collection is a giant mess.

14. What did you think of the Irish scene while you were over here?

From an outside point of view I was really impressed with the Irish scene. Over all it had a nice mix of styles and a good energy. It was great seeing so many new kids putting in work but still having active older writers to balance everything out. I think it’s a huge accomplishment that you have such a healthy scene in such a small city. You guys have a better scene than some cities in the United States.


15. Favourite letter and colour?

The letter E is by far my favorite letter. There are unlimited options as to what you can do with that letter and in the end it always looks badass. I am a sucker for chrome though technically speaking I think its considered a metallic. Regardless, Chrome is my weapon of choice because it’s “honest”. You can’t really hide behind chrome like you can with colors. It’s bold, straight forward and there’s no faking it with chrome.

16. How many trains have you painted? And any good stories from painting them?

I’m always down for steel. Whether it’s cleans or freight’s there’s nothing better than seeing chrome getting fogged onto panels. Starting out I painted a lot of freights. I did mostly panels but in the early to mid 2000’s I got obsessed with painting whole cars. I’ve never kept track of how many I’ve done but recently I did a rough count of photos and there were about 250+ whole cars.

To most writers out side of the United States freights don’t mean much but once you paint one it becomes very clear why there so significant. There is a certain romanticism attached to freights that needs to be experienced in order to be understood

17. Top 3 graff movies?

-Style Wars with out a doubt!

-The Grifters Video part 3 very entertaining.

-The Warriors not a graffiti movie but still bad ass

18. What do you think of the internets effects on graffiti?

Like all great technological advancements there are both positive and negative results. The Internet brought the graffiti community together allowing writers to communicate instantly on a global scale. The days of doing photo exchanges have now been replaced by immediate access to webs sites, blogs, and social media. The process of graffiti has been sped up to a dizzying pace.

I started writing during the pre-internet age so I’ve seen both sides of the coin. Personally I believe the greatest injustice the Internet did to graff culture is kill the sense of discovery. Graffiti these days is pre-packaged and ready to go. You don’t really need to figure anything out everything is at your fingertips. Nothing is special or sacred everything is aired, quickly digested and left for the next big thing. I often miss the days of nerding out to mixing colors and finding new spots. These moments have become a rarity. I fear for generations ahead where their whole lives will be consumed by the Internet and social media. It’s such a false sense of reality.


19. What plans do you have for the future?

I just want to chill with good peoples and paint. Life is way too short and it’s passing me by quick. We need to live every day to the fullest. I’m trying to get more organized to better live up to this saying. I have a couple of projects in the works for the coming year hopefully they will come to fruition.

20. Any last words or shouts?

I want to thank Lost In The Mood for giving me the opportunity to share some of my thoughts. I also want to apologize for taking 8 months to do it.  Big up to my crew, friends and Liz for putting up with me. I feel blessed to have met so many amazing people along the way. I wish the very best for 2013.


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Vice Interview With Rick Indeo

Check out the interview with Rick Indeo on Vice, where he talks about trying not to get shot just to take photos of people painting trains. Have a look at his site and tumblr for more of his stuff.

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LostInTheMood & Wasp

Shout out to Wasp for doing this interview.

1. Who are you?
2. What do you do and how long have you been doing it?
I like scribbling on walls and i’ve been doin it on and off for years but seriously for about 6-ish years.
3. What crews do you rep?
I’ve been paintin with OLS for about 3/4 years now. Its a small crew which is good. We do all the usual crew shit (fight,BOOZE,eat,CREEP,paint) its pretty tight knit.
I also paint with CNB, but thats more of a lifestyle than a crew.
4. What got you into graffiti?
Haven’t really got one of those cool graff stories, just grew up with a couple of guys that did it, and they would tell me how they got up at and went to paint a spot. I thought it seemed cool so i snuck out of my house one night and tried it, haven’t looked back since.
5. Do you rather bombing or piecing? Why?
Bombing by far. Much better buzz! illegal pieces are were its at, but they don’t last the buff so aren’t worth the drama and are better kept on legal walls. Don’t get me wrong i don’t have a problem with painting legal walls, their fine for chillin out with mates, but thats not the point of paintin, i much prefer the adrenaline from being on tracks or in an abandoned building or some shit like that.
6. Who would your favorite Irish and non-Irish writers be?
IRISH- i think every writer that came up around the same time as me (and everyone after) has had their styles heavily influenced by DCW whether they realize it or not, so I’d have to say DCW,
Also i really like some of the stuff UEK has been doing lately.
Oh yea and MSO crew.
NON-IRISH- way too many to name but OKER,SKREW,SCAN,STARE,TOX,MQUE,GUSTO,ADEK,JA,REVS but their just the well known ones, theres really too many to name.
7. Any crazy chase stories?
Lots. i suppose one of the crazier ones was when i was in Paris paintin with CESK, doing a shutter, painting away without a bother, finished up and a cop car pulls around the corner, they sped up so we ditched are shit and ran. We separated a bit  while crossing a busy road, nearly ran down a dead end but turned, running alongside cesk, we sprinted down a different street and straight ahead a cop car blocked the top of the street, tried to turn back but there was too many cops. got thrown on the ground and beat around for a while.
8. What do you think of the Dublin scene right now?
Fine i suppose, kind of quite at the moment compared to last year when there was alot of people goin out and keepin active.
9. Other than graff, what do you like to do?
10. What are your 3 favorite pieces you’ve done?
11. What are your 3 favorite pieces by other writers?
12. How would you describe your style?
Ever changing.
I like sharp, legible stuff (loads of Montreal stuff) and i like sloppy, thrown together and repetitive. So i try different things all the time to see what i like…. haven’t found it just yet though.
13. Top 5 tunes?
Anything by NAS really, but heres a few more:
14. Whats your ideal job?
15. What’s your 3 favourite colours?
Black and white, then chrome. Yellow one strokes all the way.
16. What do you think of the internets effects on graffiti?
Doesn’t phase me in the slightest, its handy looking at shit on the net but i much prefer cycling around or riding the train seeing stuff in person.
17. Beer or weed?
18.Top 3 graff movies?
Prefer books/ cheap zines but i suppose:
State your Name
T.rouble Makers
MTN diaries 1
19. Any plans to travel to paint in the future?
20. Finally any last words or shouts?

KEO Talks About MF DOOM

From Getnloose.

Cesk Interview

Usual Suspects are at it again! Got an interview with Cesk, read it here. Also with some unseen flicks from his trip to Paris.