Over on 4608vandlism’s Instagram Dart has taken over and is putting up photos and stories of his escapades, now here’s his adventure from Dublin.

Dublin Ireland If i would design a train it would look like this model, three shades of olivegreen a box shaped design, and it carries my name, what more could you ask for?

I had this train in my mind since my younger teens and but i thought i would never get a chance do do it since i heard only bad things about it, its hard, security cameras etc etc like people talk about Helsinki.

But I got an offer to participating in a conferance with free hotel and roundtrip flight. So I thought im stupid not to try it. But it was hard to make up excuses to leave to group. But i found that perfect moment when they booked a pub with riverdance and dinner. I made a stupid excuse to run back to grab something and sneaked out the backdoor and ran across Dublin to find the right bus to the yard.

When i found the yard i scooped it out for 1hr traying to find a way in. I found it by stacking a parkbenches. The fences over there is hellish. I waited 30min until it was dark then painted 15min everything went smothly. When i left the yard i was more stressed about the empty chair with my name on it at the pub, i had been gone for 3hrs.

In the street i had the biggest smile on my face and met a group of girls from Chicago, and they asked me why a lonly guy has the biggest smile on hes face. And for some reason i told them what ive done. And they became more hsppy and exited then i was the gave me a few beers and they where going the same pub as i was going to so fucking dumb luck.

They where superfriendly and we had a great time when i arrived to the pub no one asked me where i been all the time, just middle age men saying stupid comments like nice girls you hooked. The girls made up a story for me that ive been with them the whole time. I will allways be grateful for this Jodie, Ann, Liz. I had a great evening. And i heard so many rumours about this piece during my travels. But this is how it happend. You can see it on google earth also.

One of my best graffiti memories.



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