Crossroad Of Realities

This is amazing, Montreal-based artist Benoit Paillé has created the art project where he took photos of landscapes in Grand Theft Auto V and then overlaid these images with photographs of real people holding real cameras and other devices so that it appears as if they are taking the photos themselves.

55fa85d3b3c6d0735d819853ff633fd0 21fcd385e9bb06e7e21b4fda26f9c05d 622270fd9be12611b6746f3b32d5a7f2 dc0ffb29b778a802812c70a1243aa5bc ae5a74db2757e40b78ad13eb119a9224 fe553e419b6b4e5f18c5193090eb1bb9 db9ee575273116ab1a1f293cad50b47d eee94873f01f61434bf28d9f04b8f249


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