On The Buzz

All from here.

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3 responses to “On The Buzz

  1. I presume that you consider what you do is art?
    Ok fair enough … everyone to his own.
    But just for a moment stop and think …. you lot went into Core Works and not only did you doodle on IE carriages but you also damaged … yes it is damage ..on some vintage carriages.

    Do you lot realise that it is young lads who give
    Their time to restore these carriages.
    And then anyone can get spin them?

    I would love to hear your explanation?

    • we appreciate these trains just as much as you if not more i am not looking to damage these trains i have a true love for them i just express it diffrently and if they were so important they would have them somewhere much more secure, these are scrap trains you clearly don’t know that

  2. Hello again

    Did a bit of research …. the carriages are not scrap.
    Some young lads, possibly the same age as your selves are trying to restore them.
    The carriages are not owned by Irish Rail ….
    Apparently this is the only place they can get room to store them.
    Sad really ….. but what I would like to ask is that now that you know other lads are putting their energy to restore … can you imagine that they are probably quite upset by what you have painted?

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