Orange Bomb

Shout to I Mo Cheann.

“Orange Bomb” – The strongest pill to hit Europe lately. Hell yeah, 250mg of MDMA. These are literally a banger in a pill, they are nearly 2x the size of the beige speakers and yellow triforces in circulation. I dunno what other pills this presser has made in the past or if it’s just some European drug lord baller who wanted to join in the “who can make the strongest ecstasy pill in europe” competition, but holy fucking shit he just slayed everything. I have *reason* to believe these are in incredibly limited amounts and will most likely be expensive as hell if purchased outside of Europe. Expect to pay what you would usually pay for a quarter gram of MDMA lol, these are literally strong as hell so a fair warning to those of you who manage to get ahold of these and have little to no tolerance/have never rolled/have never taken european ecstasy and have only taken american ecstasy or MDMA that these are very powerful. A full one on an empty stomach w/ almost no tolerance might have you so unbelievably monged out you will not be having a good time, I can almost guarantee it. Happy hunting, be safe with your usage and moderation is key. But these are dank and wont be around for long as they are in very low, limited numbers. Good luck!

4 responses to “Orange Bomb

  1. 10 of them every night should be grand..

  2. someone who isn’t me just purchased these off silk road and can’t wait to receive them. Swim tried the speakers and the red stars from the Netherlands, and said both were VERY nice. Swim can’t even imagine what a pill 2x as powerful will be like but can’t wait to try.

  3. Update, swim enjoyed these more than any pill swims tried yet. swim just took half’s the first night and rolled, did 1 1/2 total throughout the night and rolled hus balls off.

    The 2nd night he took a whole one and it ended up being way too intense. It took everything in swim not to puke it up. These are still available if you know the right road to travel.

    Enjoy everyone!

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