Russian Criminal Tattoos

Some really cool Russian tattoos over on Russian Criminal Tattoos.

Translation: ‘Take out bitches, stool-pigeons and traitors!’ The acronym ‘MIR’ spells the word for peace and stands for ‘Shooting will reform me’.

The tattoo of a criminal ‘authority’, first recorded in 1954. it was later widespread in the corrective labour institutions of the Urals.

The acronym stands for: ‘And separation is hell when you’re not beside me’.

A convict’s tattoo signifying ‘I am a recidivist convict. I have no resources to support a conscience’.

The acronym signifies: ‘Wherever I see you, I’ll rape you on the spot and strangle you!’ – A woman was possibly responsible for the wearer of the tattoo being imprisoned. 1960’s-1970’s


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