LostInTheMood & IQ

Big shout to IQ for doing the interview!

1. Who are you?

I write IQ, IQUE , IKUE and the likes ..

2. What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Been writing about 4 years

3. What crews do you rep?

I rep HOGS crew. Zuas asked me into HOGS a while ago and since then , it got me painting alot more , been putting the crew before my own stuff mostly , love the crew and everyone in it , the perfect partners in crime , shouts to ZUAS , reppin’ Mo Famille !

4. What got you into graffiti?

My older brother (Jozk) got me into graffiti when i was 11 or 12 , he came home from bombing one night and gave me the ends on his cans , me being the idiot i was, went on a rampage wrecking everything in sight .. writing my initials everywhere .. when i saw his sketch’s and some of the really good graffiti around my area and realized i needed to get alot more style and make my letters nice and clean .

5. Do you rather bombing or piecing? Why?

I wouldnt call myself a hardcore bomber but ive been doing what i can , i do pieces when i feel like it but i’d choose a night out wrecking stuff over a chill piece any day . Bombing is alot more fun for me at the moment ..

6. Any crazy chase stories?

Chase stories … hmmm well the latest one was scary enough , me evoke and yogi went for pannels , yogi had a quick look and the only trains we could do were these yellow circular freights , we were all finished and just about to leave , evoke wanted to do another and started painting , right when he started his second , I see a car parked up , the lights come on and the car flys around the corner towards us , me and evoke freeze on the spot like retards , yogi pulls me through a bush and i grab evoke after us , we had to climb over mountans of trackstones trying to find a way out of the yard , me and yogi jump the spiked fence and evoke faceplants of the top of it , half way down the road yogi throws me against the wall behind an electric box , the car that drove towards us drove right by us and didnt see us , we just ran untill we we couldnt anymore .. that was a fun night

7. Who would your favorite Irish and non-Irish writers be?

Favorite Irish writers .. well fellow Hooligan Akes , Crept for there pieces , each has a totally original style all of there own , And Rob , Hide and Cysto , Feck , Eaks and a good few others for the amount of stuff there all getting done .. Outside Ireland the first that comes to mind is Augor , always been a big fan of MSK , got the pleasure of seeing an msk billboard in person a while ago on my travels

8. What do you think of the Dublin scene right now?

I’m one of the few who think the dublin scene is really good at the moment , sooo many people out doing crazy spots , and really nice pieces , im glad to be a part of it

9. What’s your favorite mode of transport?

Definitely my motorbike , has to be the most handy , cheapest , fastest and most fun to get around .. but this weather isnt doing me any favors

10. What are your 3 favorite pieces you’ve done?

Number 1 …

Number 2 …

Number 3 …

11. What do you think of hipsters?

Hmmmm , well im not one myself .. but some of my decent mates are hipsters soo ive nothing bad to say .. long as its not me .. each to there own i guess

12. What music are you into?

Im into a few differnt things at the moment , Rap , loads of 80’s dance stuff , and then some random golden oldies . Anything with a good beat im into pretty much

13. What would be the most memorable time painting a train?

Probably the first time i painted a train , right as we were about to go out and paint , some guy was walking up and back down the end of the platform , i said it was redhot , but when i turned around my partner was already painting right infront of your man .. he turned out to be a sound bloke , kept sketch for us and shook our hands when we were done .

14. What are your 3 favorite pieces by other writers?

Number 1: Dize (Akes)

Akes has always been my favorite piecer , around the back of my old house he did that dize piece , and i remember walking my dog around to it and staring at it for ages , this was before i was into graffiti , that one piece is what sparked my intrest into lettering and art in genral

Number 2: Rime

I love Rimes style , i love how he can write anything , draw anything and you instantly know its him , amazing how well known he is too , not just to graffiti writers , even my own mother know’s Rime

Number 3: Pharoe

Pharoe has to be one of my favorites , in love with his illegal pieces , better than what most people can do on a legal wall , he can pull of in total darkness while keeping a lookout . he’s someone i hope to be like in a few years

15. Other than graff, what do you like to do?

I’m into sports , Art, and going out on the weekend for a few frosty ones

16. How would you describe your style?

Emm well id like to say its nice easy flow to my letters , and quick to paint , my pieces are a bit more complicated , like to try make my letters look like there part of a machine , I try to make them look as if there moving or floating off the wall .

17. Top 3 graff films?

1= The deviance movie (3ayem)

2= Infamy

3=State your name


Good question ..

I dont own a camera , simply because im terrible at keeping electronics alive , ive gone through 3 phones in the last month , and the last camera i owned i pawned of for a silly amount of money when i was drunk looking for more booze , But il have a camera one day , one day very soon

19. Any plans to travel to paint in the future?

I travel alot , would love to go back to LA for a few months , some of the graff over there is unreal , crazy spots , full burners in the hottest spots you can think of. Going to NewYork should be a dream of any writer , soo hopefully one day il get the chance to

20. Any last words or shout outs?

Shouts to HOGS CREW !

high on gear squad

hatin’ on garda scum

hand of god squad

Shouts to Mesk

Shouts to Vicky Q

Happy X-mas


2 responses to “LostInTheMood & IQ

  1. Big inspiration man
    Your 1 of the reasons i got started
    Keep doing what your doing

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