Inside LSD

Really interesting documentary about LSD.


One response to “Inside LSD


    The Far Off Land An attempt at a philosophical evaluation

    It has seemed to me that the well-established properties of the hallucinogenic drugs might be well employed to enable us to explore this far-off land, which is in effect our subconscious mind.

    Eugene aims to bring together the perspectives of philosophy Hopefully with the immence background of anthropology, literature, comparative religion, the arts and psychology can someday be brought together with pyschotropic knowledge to better understand our consciousness to ultimately improve humanity cure mental illness and even solve lifes mysteries.

    Were we to learn its secrets, we would better understand our own desires, and the motives which drive us through life.

    Still better, the secrets of human history would perhaps be discovered as the eternal patterns of imagination which have shaped our spiritual existence.

    But perhaps most important of all, to penetrate the well of the past might restore to us that visionary perception which we think to have once possessed.

    The far-off land has tremendous meaning and insight. Intelligently written and poetic. Takes you on journey that feels you full with meaning and insight that leaves you with a sense of awe and mystery attaching to our contemplation of life

    Filled with historical facts and quotes from the worlds greatest minds and literature.

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