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  1. If you vote for other can you comment who please :L

  2. hads should not be in this poll.

  3. none of these can compare to uek

  4. is it the best or most up? UEK all day

  5. Ah now wouldn’t go that far, I mean the only reason you think UEK are the best is cause they’ve been around longer, hit a couple of sick spots and go big. I wouldn’t say they’re up as much as others, they were dead for a while and now getting back into it.

  6. it seems like everyone cares about quantity over quality these days, yeah they have been around longer and you should always respect writers who came before you, and just cause some ones been writing a year or 2 and got up like mad and hit some sick spots doesnt mean they are at the same level as them,

  7. one of these crews never HADS a chance.

  8. “most up” is in the title conork, of course people are going to take quantity into consideration. hads are shiteeee

  9. uek is the best crew all round,ye they stopped but wen they came back they came back!!! after thth though im gonna go wit eds,them cunts r hot headed stubborn cunts but when they want somethig they will take it!! hogs r qualty but i mostly only seein legals except iq n afew random zors n zuas.
    uek cant b compared 2 any of these crews the blow all of them out the water

  10. Whats that bout UEK?? Think of how insanely good gone, cesk, phek, rise are. Theyre the only crew here that dont stick their stuff all over the internet – but that doesn’t mean they’re not up as fuck!
    ^ And yeah Hads can’t really be considered a crew- its up but its just evoke doin the work.

    • I’m not saying they’re bad I just wouldn’t consider them the most up and this isn’t based on what is on the internet, it’s based on what I’ve seen around Dublin and I’ve seen a good bit of UEK but probably seen more of HOGS and EDS (even HADS though it’s only Evoke). Like just because UE a few great spots, go big and have some handstyles around the place doesn’t mean they’re up more than others.

  11. ah now where do you live? Seriously, EDS is up no doubt about that but HOGS and HADS what??? I see UEK everyday, I see HOGS done at the back of village on a shite piece or done by hide,although he never throws it up. And I think I have only ever seen a couple HADS tags in ma entire life.
    And another thing to think about, how many HOG/HAD/EDS dubs have you seen? ehhhhhhhhhhhhh.. and then think about UEK

  12. EDS! UEK been getting stagnant while EDS is everywhere you look, can’t go around dublin for 15 minutes without seeing an EDS tag or throwie, UEK go big and been doing so for a while, but not as widespread and thats my 2 cent

  13. Fucking hate rats

    @Panek hahaha, truly a comic genius… Jealousy i think

  14. yeah most of use clicked uek because of what they have done in the past but this poll is about who is most up now not about who use to be great so cop the fuck on…EDS EDS EDS EDS EDS EDS EDS EDS EDS!!!!

  15. Fucking hate rats

    it was actually to do with the best at the moment, but to be honest who gives a fuck

  16. UEK is the best in my opinion because they go out big and do amaizing stuff and been goin for a long time its not about quantity to me its about quality i think they are the best and thats my opinion

  17. Taking bombing AND peicing into consideration. I picked Hogs, they contain my favourite peicers, and some sick bombers… Uek have 100% respect as they kill it, always have!.. Eds is the definition of a bomber crew like, its true you can’t go far in town without seeing them… Dnd mehh, not going that strong… Hads are underrated here, its a fairly good crew with the younger lads and has potential, but is the underdog no doubt

  18. your a sap godser, can’t compare any of us to uek, yer all dopes

  19. willy in me arse

    hogs will be up alot more soon considering they have a few new members, uek for now though, longest goin crew in ireland, don’t know what “hads” is doin there considering DPK isn’t

  20. explaine how uek is the longst running crew in ireland ?

  21. TDA is the longest running crew in Ireland pal!

  22. “willy in me arse” You are a fucking fool !

  23. My favorite crew in Dublin at the moment is Hogs , they have some of the most talented artist’s and some proper sick bombers , each writer has there own sick style , Uek are above every other , all oldschool bombers , all have the respect of every writer in dublin. Eds are hardcore bastards , destroying dublin at the moment ,

  24. The fact that UEK are still bein talked about says it all like….outlived all the old bombing crews in dublin…RFA…ICN…and the likes,but at the same time, the crew is stale compared to HOGS or EDS…and most up isnt only about quantity its about which crew has the most hype too.

  25. E.D.S

  26. DPK originate from Drogheda yes. There are only 2 members in DPK from Drogheda and the rest are from Dublin and abroad… TDA originated in Drogheda and only has 2 members in it from Drogheda and the rest are also from Dublin and international. TDA are irelands first and longest runing crew. This is a pointless pole cus none of the crews can compare. Eds are only new and can not compare to UEK who have put years of work in. There two different style’s of crews. And I also think tht it is pointless that you would
    Not put a crew into a pole because “no-one likes text” even though it’s retarded pole anyway… There is people in every single crew there that I don’t like but that doesn’t matter… It really shows your knowledge of graffiti in Ireland. Anyway I’m Rambling but this pole is pointless and could never compare crews in Ireland cus there are fuk all real crews

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