LostInTheMood & Zuas

Big shout to Zuas for the interview! That chase story is too funny!

1. Who are you? What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Im from Dublin, I write zuas/zuaz and I’ve been writing since late 05.

2. What crews do you rep?

I rep HOG/HOGS crew, originally standing for ‘Hooligans’ but has adopted different meanings like ‘High on gear squad’ and ‘Hands of God squad’

3.What got you into graffiti? Who inspired you?

My first real contact with graffiti was as a kid walking through a laneway seeing two lads painting boards near my house. This would have been in the late 90’s or so, I really had no idea who it was or what they were doing. I suppose I never really took much notice of graffiti until a few years later when I moved to Spain for a short while. I remember seeing a chap beside me in school drawing ‘king’ and was amazed by it. Later that day I went home and began sketching the tag ‘soga’ or something. That didn’t last very long. Then I moved from the north of Spain further down south where Graffiti was literally everywhere. I found the local graff shop and bought a marker, and tagged on a few things until my parents found it. When I moved back to Ireland I became friends with ZIAR’S brother and we would spend hours looking through his blackbooks and photo albums copying his style. It was from then on I was hooked to graffiti. So yeah my main inpsiration would be ZIAR and other Irish writers such as FED, GRIFT, DATS and writers who were in RFA and UEK around the same time I began writing.

4. How would you describe your style?

I don’t think I’ve ever really had a set style. Every time I sketch, which isn’t often, I tend to come up with something different and then just mess around with that style for a while. Recently I’ve been trying to change it up a bit using more simple, chunky, rounded letters…probably wont last long.

5. Who would your favourite Irish and non- Irish writers be?

All the writers mentioned above, along with all the lads in the crew and other writers like HIDE, RISE, CIST, CESK, GONE, PHEK, POT, ROB. All sick and putting in the effort. I don’t really pay much attention to non- Irish writers to be honest, but I’ve noticed writers like PHIESTA from Italy and the 3AYEM crew recently.

6. Do you rather bombing or piecing? Why?

Bombing, even though I never really stick to one bombing is just more fun. I’m always looking at spots to hit and stuff but am far too lazy to do anything about it…or broke. I like doing a legal piece on a nice day but the feeling you get when you see the spot you did the night before is more rewarding.

7. What do you think of the Irish scene right now?

Everyone is always moaning about it, but I like the scene. Lots of writers are pulling out burners legally and illegally quite regularly. Then again it’s the only real scene I pay attention to so I don’t really have much to compare it to. I was over in the west of England recently and was quite disappointed with what I saw, so yeah I’m happy with it.

8. Any crazy chase stories?

One night a few summers back me and two other lads writing 3FI at the time were painting a wall off a pretty busy roundabout. We had finished painting and when hopping the fence I noticed a red unmarked car circling the roundabout 2 or 3 times. Next thing the blue lights are flashing and UNO is over the fence. Me and OLE bail back through the field and end up in some back garden not too far from the spot. OLE, being the drunkard that he is decided he needed to go back and get UNO. We both hopped out of the back garden and ended up on a side road. I waited in a front garden while OLE went to find UNO. A few minutes later I got impatient and decided to follow thinking things had cooled down. After 30 seconds of walking I heard a car belting around the corner so I dive under a parked van while it patrols up and down the street. I’m thirsty as fuck at this point and I managed to find a front garden with a hose around the side. So I sat there for the next hour drinking water from the hose and making sure the Garda had left. I then took the back roads back to OLE’S house and hopped up on to the garage and in the bedroom window we had left open to get back in to find the two of them drinking away.
Turned out UNO ended up chilling with some junkie in a local park while OLE pulled over a Garda claiming he had lost his ‘depressed’ brother from home. The Gards told him to get in the car and they would help find him…. they genuinely did try find this imaginary depressed brother. He sat in the back listening to the Garda radio ranting on about 3 youths spray painting in the area and covered his hands and sleeves saturated in chrome. He later got a lift home.

9. Other than graff what do you like to do?

Playing football, poker and fifa with the lads and heading out on the weekend. None of the lads around write so I spend most of my time doing these things with them.

10. Beer or weed?


11. Top 5 tunes.

I’m on a mad Mac Miller buzz at the moment, or rap in general.


I hate college…really do

good chilled song

need bills

cant go wrong with wiz

12. 3 favourite pieces you’ve done

my latest piece i like

this for its size

and this..

13. 3 favourite pieces by other writers

This chap is sick

SABER L.A river

loved this (steezy jeezy)

14. What plans do you have for the future?

After i finish this college thing i hope to take a year or two out to travel and paint. Maybe get the finger out, paint a bit more and make some money… That’s really it, don’t plan too much.

15. Any last words or shouts?





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