LostInTheMood & Kaze

Shouts to Kaze from Galway for doing this!

1. Who are you? – What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Well I write kazer or kaze. Ive been painting for about 2 and a half years now..I was sketching a while before that but only did my first piece 2 and a half years ago

2. What crews do you rep?

I rep BSK with a few of the younger galway writers (me devo sar misto)

3.What got you into graffiti? Who inspired you?

Ehh pretty much just seeing aload of the old galway graffiti around like caz,tome,word and baqs I just used to absolutel bite the shit outa everthing they did in my school copies ha.I really look up to the msk and tmd boys too some of the stuff they do and the amount of work they must put in is unreal.

4. How would you describe your style?

Dunno really.generally I have a sharp kinda look to most of my pieces and dubs.

5. Who would your favorite Irish and non-Irish writers be?

Irish writer-cisto non irish-definitely revok

6. Do you rather bombing or piecing? Why?

I really enjoy the rush of bombing when im in the mood for it and I like catching daytime tags but I rather piecing beacaue its more rewarding for me.

7. What are the differences between the scene in Galway and places like Dublin or Cork?

The galway scene is sooo much quiter.there are only a handfull of writers here that actually take it seriously and that are really bothered with it..there are a lot of advantages to a quite scene tough.your pieces stay up so much longer,spots don’t get found out by people quikly and generally everyone helpes each other out if no new writers do anything out of line.

8. Whats the best/craziest time you had painting?

Ehh nothing to exciting,got a few chases while by myself befor.I got caught once painting a school with 2 friends.the gaurds called around the back entrance of the school and I got grabbed straight away but somehow my two friends found I tiny press in the scool yard they bot squeezed into and hid in for 20 mins until they also got found by the gaurds.

9. What are your top three tunes at the moment?

I generally hate anything that’s on the radio
Black Sabbath-paranoid

Citezen cope ft carlos Santana-sideways

Pearl jam-yellow ledbetter

10. What are your top three films?

Forrest gump
The goodfellas
Stand by me

11. Beer or weed?


12. What are your three (four) favorite pieces?

This is one I painted with baqs and crap..got a lot of tips off of them which is prob why its one of my favourites

This is one of my faves cus it means more to me than any other piece ive done

I these are the best letters ive done the actual piece is a bit ruched tho

I also really like this piece and am going to do the exact same colours sometime soon.

13. What are your three favorite pieces by other writers?

This lad must be on that drug from the movie limitless.

The detail in this one is sick.

14. Any plans for the future?

Hopefully paint in a lot of different countries around the world as I get older..definitely start doing a lot more big illegal spots.I really want to take a trip around Europe

15. Finally any last words or shouts?

Shouts to all the galway boys I paint with and have helped me out and to anyone who have left helpful comments and advice on my flickr..also a big shout to rash my friend who passed away not to long ago R.I.P


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