LostInTheMood & Soar

Soar, who was recently in Cork, had the time to do this interview. Check it out!

1. Who are you? – What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Im Soar, im from a very small town in the Netherlands, and ive been writing with paint on walls since 2006/2007.

2. What crews do you rep?

I rep 3 crews at the moment:
The Phat Boys (TPB)
Everything GOeS (EGOS)
Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI)

3. What got you into graffiti? Who inspired you?

When i was 8 years old i watched some guys from a nearby town paint at the half-pipe in my town. And i still remember the moment when they left one can and i picked it up and started doing my own name everywhere around there.
But i never picked up a can of paint until i turned 14 and got my own paper route and needed a bike for it. Then i got some cans to paint the bike, and i used the scraps for a crappy throwup on the halfpipe.
And ive been hooked ever since.

4. How would you describe your style?

I dont know, i think i have been influenced by a lot of writers in the last 2 years, the main people at the moment must be:
Bams, Bez, Senor, Akobe, SobeKcis and a lot more…

5. Whats the best/craziest time you had painting?

Uhhh, thats a hard one… i think it must be painting in foreign countries like for example Ireland, just to get out of your own country and go somewhere where nobody knows you and you will have to start all over again.

6. Do you rather bombing or piecing? Why?

Piecing because of the time you can put in one piece, and i really like the flick of the piece just to have it, i dont really care if someone goes over it as long i have the flick. but i like bombing from time to time just to keep your name up, but as i said im from a really small town and i already did everything down there, and its not easy to get out of town so easily.

7. What do you think of the Irish scene right now compared to other European countries?

I have only been here 2 times so i dont really know the scene down here.
But i can see some growth in the scene, and a lot of young and talented young writers.
I dont think there are much differences in the scenes, the only thing is all the police cameras make it a little bit harder to do bombing and shit like that.

8. What do you do before you go painting to get you in the mood?

If i do a proper wall i need to get some sleep, because im really lazy and otherwise will get distracted from the wall. And if i go bombing just some beers and some nice tunes.

9. What are your top five tunes at the moment?

1. Method Man – Judgement Day

2. REKS – 25th Hour

3. Opgezwolle – Tijd Leert

4. Eric B. & Rakim – Paid In Full

5. Dilated Peoples – Expanding Man

10. What are your top three films?

I only have one favorite movie and that is Pootie Tang.
I can watch any other movie i dont really care as long as i am watching them with chill heads.

11. Beer or weed?


12. What are your three favorite pieces?

My favourite pieces i did:

And for all of my other favorites just look into my flickr favorites.

13. You where recently painting in Ireland, any crazy or interesting stories on your travels here?

Not really, did 10 pieces and we went out painting a trackside and did some bombing, most of the time it was shitty weather so i could only do a little of the stuff i was planning to do.

14. Any plans for the future?

Finish school, get a decent job, travel and paint around the world, live a happy and chilled out life. 🙂

15. Finally any last words or shouts?

Shout out to all of the RTM boys that where looking after me, and the heads i painted with!

Just keep up the painting and for all the little kids reading this, dont do any stupid shit until you get good enough to do it.


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